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Kappa Alpha Pi is open to all undergraduate students and majors. Our brotherhood facilitates networking opportunities for members that appeal to a variety of careers. Members are provided with the opportunity to learn about careers in the legal field, information regarding the law school application process, LSAT prepatory information, and are able to make numerous connections with admissions advisors, professors, attorneys, judges, and other students with similar interests and career paths. 



"Honoring those who paved the path before us, steadfastly serving those around us, and making progress for those to come."


The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to foster knowledge of the law for undergraduate students; to provide service to the greater community and campus; to promote a strong sense of fraternalism among members; to uphold the ideals and integrity of Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Co-ed Fraternity; so that each member may advance his and her intellect while contributing actively to the well-being of others.

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Kappa Alpha Pi offers professional growth opportunities to its members through educational and hands-on experiences. Active members learn about building the ideal resume, public speaking, professional dress, interview etiquette, the basics of applying to law school, and the ins and outs of the dreaded LSAT.



Service is Kappa Alpha Pi's way of giving back to the community that we live and breathe in. We hold this pillar close to our hearts, as many of our brothers strive to serve others through the study of the law and the pursuit of justice. 


Service rewards us with the bonds it forms between brothers, but also the connections we develop with those in need. 


   Brotherhood is the pillar that unifies the members of Kappa Alpha Pi. Though we are diverse,  the deep bonds that grow between brothers, facilitated by our many brotherhood events,  ensure opportunities for lifelong friendship and networking.


Having brothers in KAPi means having family, forever. 


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