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Diversity Equity


and Inclusion


Kappa Alpha Pi is a Professional Co-ed Pre-Law Fraternity. Our fraternity is made up of diverse individuals with diverse backgrounds that each bring their individuality to our organization. Our three pillars—brotherhood, service, and professionalism— which are the essence of our organization, are rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion


We strongly believe that in diverse and inclusive environments, we are able to thrive as students and active community members. These values not only enrich our education and brotherhood, but allow us to serve others with compassion and empathy. We empower each other to learn from, listen to, and uplift marginalized groups in our endeavor towards a more just society where all people can be their authentic selves.


As change makers and individuals preparing for opportunities outside of Chapman University, we recognize every aspects of our daily lives can continue to implement changes. As such, Kappa Alpha Pi is committed to continuous education and creating change in our daily lives and communities. 



Project Zero Excuse

Project Zero Excuse is an ever-growing collection of resources aimed to help individuals in their quest for knowledge and truth regarding the deep-rooted structural injustice and inequity prevalent in American society. With this resource list of books, movies, podcasts, and more, we hope to empower others to take their learning into their own hands. This website makes finding those educational tools much easier, so that there are no more excuses to ignore them.  

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